PLease respond to discussion post and include 2 references: Another MSN program specialty track learning outcome for nursing management and organizational leadership I have achieved is through implementation of human resource management principles as a leader. These skills learned and demonstrated have been valuable in the development of the capstone project and necessary for the implementation of the capstone project.  My human resource management skills have grown and demonstrated when, as a leader in an OBGYN office, it was necessary to develop disciplinary actions plans, evaluations, recruiting, and hiring new employees.  Human recourse management skills such as recruitment, hiring, and retention are important skills for an effective leader (Pynes and Lombardi, 2011). 

            When preparing my final capstone project, there were many challenging aspects to consider.  The implementation of a new practice model of centering pregnancy at an OBGYN office that primarily serves the high risk, low socioeconomic population required many considerations.  Questions and investigations of budget, staffing size, patient population size, provider buy in, and patient buy in were significant aspects in order for the project to be successful at the office.  I think one of the most challenging aspects when writing the summary is the unknown of actual success the quality improvement project will have on the organization.  I think questions that will be most beneficial in helping me to successfully present this project in my organization will be focused around actively engaging the providers in the practice to accept the new model. Presentation will have a great focus on the positive outcomes and benefits of this new practice model, such as improved attendance rates to sessions (Cunningham, et al., 2017).  The presentation will also make note of the importance of a leader to organize and facilitate the logistics of scheduling and organizing the model in the practice.  Emphasizing the potential for improving the major problem in the current model, higher no show rates, will be helpful in presenting the project successfully


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