Engage in a search for information on any of the following in relation to one or more of key competencies discussed in Chapter 8 (Decision making and Problem Solving)

Key Competencies: decision making, problem solving, creativity skills

• Importance of skills to employers.
• Importance of skills to your career or being hired/promoted.
• Development of skills.
• Application of skills in the workplace.
• Challenges that can occur if one hasn’t developed skills or is unable to leverage skills.

A minimum of 3 resources are required.

After reading all instructions below, develop your paper with an Overview Section and a Personal Reflection Section.

a. Overview Section:
    Provide an overview on what you’ve learned about one or more of the key competencies in Chapter 8.
    Students are expected to synthesize information from chosen resources when creating the overview.
    Do not summarize chosen resources. (500 words)

b. Personal Reflection Section
  Describe how these skills will assist you in the workplace.
  Or how a lack of these skills will not support success in the workplace. (200 words)

c. Appropriately provide in-text citations and a list of resources at the end of the assignment.


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