Paper 3: “Dead Presidents”
The film “Dead Presidents” depicts the “home front” and “war front” experiences of urban African American men and women during the Vietnam War.  As you watch the film, pay close attention to how black military service is viewed, and experienced, in the Black community.  Also pay attention to what the 1970s American urban environment was like, and what black women and black veterans experienced after their service ended and they returned to urban America. 

Watch the film and based on your observations please write a 3-4 page paper (that includes 3 sources/citations) answering the following questions:

How did the achievements of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s impact the lives of African American men and women in post-1970 urban America?  How did the movement’s achievements impact the experiences of African American soldiers on the war front? What were black veterans confronted with upon their return to the urban American home-front (aka civilian life)?  What factors explain the post-civil rights and post-war era urban American experience for black veterans, and the black community as a whole?

3-4 pages – Stapled together
12 Times New Roman font
Double spaced with 1” margins
Include 3 citations (Formatted in MLA or Chicago Manual Style)
**Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source
**Only reputable and/or academic sources will be accepted

Header should look like:
Last Name, First Name                      Paper 3              AAFS219/219Z-Burns
Spring 2018


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