This is Part 1 of a 4 part Team Assignment which will run through out the course.
The VP of Marketing has asked your IT organization to help improve their collaboration across their marketing projects.  The marketing organization works internally with the following departments:

Human Resources
Product Development
Information Technology

They also work externally with creative agencies who provide digital media, graphic art and written copy for the company’s website.
The marketing team would like a collaboration tool to store documents, exchange project files, create online documents, manage tasks and improve communication across all internal and external team members.  They would really like to get away from emailing files and their comments as the team suffers from email overload.
The marketing department has 100 team members (employees, contractors and external agency resources) who need to use the collaboration tool.
Your CIO has asked you to lead a 2-3 person team to review the capabilities of different collaboration tools and make a recommendation.
Assignment Requirements
1.  Create an initial project proposal presentation.  Only parts (1-3 Executive Summary, Introduction, Justification)

     The first section of this presentation should address

A project proposal presentation should include these key parts:

Executive Summary

Problem Statement – What problem are you trying to solve?
Project Scope – What is the project about?
High Level Timeline – When will the project start and end (hint: follow the syllabus for a schedule)
Business Rationale – Why is this project being undertaken
Project Approach – How will this project be undertaken by the team?  What is your key series of steps to investigate and refine the proposal.


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