Cross Cultural Perspectives midterm exam

Students are to complete an essay where they demonstrate their acquired critical thinking and analysis skills derived from course materials and relevant research completed up to week 5.

Essay Topic: Workplace Discrimination

Throughout the history of the world, there has been evidence of discrimination in all forms – whether religion, race, gender, beliefs, appearance or anything else that makes one human being different from another.  The workplace continues to be an area where discrimination is an issue around the world. Discuss the influence power disparities on work in a cross-cultural context, citing specific examples from your readings and additional sources. Cite no fewer than three sources.

Submit a two to three page essay between 800 and 1100 words, New Times Roman 12 Font, double-spaced, APA format by Sunday 11:59. Detailed instructions in Midterm folder.

Focus on the following points as you prepare your essay;

1. The essay requires students to integrate information taken from several different (referenced) sources, to organize that information and to summarize the information, with conclusions that may be new. 

2. Begin with a thesis statement, (or a claim) explained and justified in the essay.  Support ideas with a rationale and evidence (not just opinion such as, I think; I believe, I feel), logically organized throughout the essay. Ideas and the support should be clear to the audience (reader, instructor).

3.  Select relevant material to illustrate points and provide specific references to class readings as well as additional research conducted via FDU library resources. Essay must make substantive reference to at least three resources. Do not cite, quote or reference from Wikipedia or general non-verifiable sources.  References should follow the APA format.

4. Your essay should reflect proper grammar and syntax.


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