Write a critique/review of the Stratford production of The Tempest.  Some important things to note when writing your review:

Establish a thesis from your experience of watching the show– In the review example in this section, it is the magic of Christopher Plummer’s work that undergirds the entire review.
Offer proof from the play– This means using detailed descriptions of design, acting and directing choices and stating how they prove your thesis.
Cover all elements of the production as your readers may be theatre historians, other designers, directors or actors. Or they may be audiences deciding to pay the expensive ticket price or make the long journey to the theatre. 
Us the Liz Lerman article in your course pack to help you formulate a thesis. 

Statements of meaning:
What is this play about?
What is the premise of this production?
What is evocative or unique about this production?  What jumps out at you?
Neutral Questions:
Does this production spark questions in you?
If you could ask the director, actors or designers questions, what would they be?
What opinions do you have that you would like to share with the artist?
Critiques should be well-written and thorough.  The thesis should be supported with evidence from the play.  The writing should be clear and free of spelling or grammar errors. 

Critique should be two-pages, double spaced, using MLA formatting.


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