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Include at least two scholarly citation/references.  Use APA format.

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1. Describe critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment in your own words.

Critical thinking to me is being able to look at the problem from different perspectives and collecting evidence based information from multiple sources to come up with the best solution possible;Being able to see a problem from multiple angles requires one to think outside the box.  Clinical reasoning is using the nursing process to come up with the best solutions to problems by using critical thinking skills.”Nurses use critical thinking skills to practice clinical reasoning” (Leibold,2020). Clinical judgment is coming up with the best solution by analyzing evidence based information and putting into consideration my experiences.

2. Explain how your critical thinking has changed in your RN to BSN program

I think I have become better in that I look at problems from different standpoints and thinking outside the box; I have also become better in  identifying potential problems before they become critical.

3. Describe two reasons why critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgment skills are essentials for nurses.

Critical thinking,clinical reasoning and clinical judgement are essential skills to have because they help nurses provide patients with the best care possible and by thinking critically one will eradicate errors which ensures and  improves patient safety.

Critical thinking,clinical reasoning and clinical judgement provide the nurse with skills to face challenges that come with the profession and no matter the challenge, having such skills and applying them to your everyday practice, the nurse will always be able to come up with the best solutions to the problems.According to one of the articles it is stated that  “Patient safety is compromised when nurses have underdeveloped critical-thinking skills, knowledge, and awareness. All nurses need to develop critical-thinking skills for their own job satisfaction and improved patient outcomes” (Turkel, 2016).

4. Your values impact your thinking and reasoning as a nurse.  Think critically about your values as a nurse and express your values by completing the following sentence:

It is important to me as a nurse that: I have empathy, I am honest and I provide the best care to my patients without any biases and treat each parson with respect.

question: Do think that Critical thinking comes with experience?


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