This assignment requires you to analyze a media representation of a case or topic of your choice by applying Stuart Hall’s concept ‘politics of representation’.

This assignment requires you to critically analyze media representations of how everybody involved: ‘the accused’ ‘the victim (s)’, members of the police apparatus, courts, sentences, or prisons are depicted in media outlets such as newspaper articles. You must pick a minimum of two newspaper articles covering the same topic, case or incident and use key concepts discussed in the course to reflect upon how, for example, ‘criminals’, victims, sentencing schemes or the prison system is represented in the newspaper article. Ask yourself the following questions: how does the media depict the criminalized person or group? What are the underlying messages? How are these representations racialized, gendered, and classed? What is obscured? Think about why crime/criminals/prisoners or prison sentences are represented in this specific way and what are the effects on law making, policing policies, and punishment?


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