***Who are you as a Leader***
The objective of this  is to assist students in identifying who they are as leaders. After completing this assignment, students should better understand their preferred leadership style, core values, and life experiences that influence their leadership approach.
To complete this , students must answer the following questions in detail:
1. Who am I?
2. What is my vision of leadership?
3. What are my core values, and what experiences or person in your life meaningfully shaped those values?
4. What is my preferred leadership style, and why?
5. How is my preferred leadership style suited for 21st Century Criminal Justice Organizations?
After reading your narrative, people will better understand who you are as a person and a potential leader. They will also have a good sense of your leadership effectiveness and a greater appreciation for your personal and professional development.
I’m particularly interested in which developmental experiences or person(s) in your life meaningfully shaped you. You must fully explain each experience’s impact on your core values, purpose in life, and broader development as a leader. This is your opportunity to tell me about you, so don’t hold back.
Length:  3-4 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, (12 pt font; 1” margins; not counting title or reference pages


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