nformative Speech: A speech providing new information, new insights, or new ways of thinking about a topic. The general purpose of an informative speech is to increase the audience’s understanding and awareness of a topic.

Time Frame: 3 to 7 minutes

Note Cards: 3X5 or 5X7

Visual Aid: PowerPoint or Handout

References/Sources: A minimum of 5 (you may cite more than five). Students must CITE (say orally) throughout the speech a minimum of five references/sources. Students must also turn in a reference page (APA style) with the full sentence outline.

Full Sentence Outline: 3 pages (3rd page is the reference page only). Look at the example outline titled, “Animal Helpers”. The outline you will turn in needs to be set-up exactly like the example outline.

*An outline will not be accepted without a presented speech.

Note: Full Sentence or Sentence Outline: An outline that expands on the ideas you have decided to include in your speech. It identifies the main points and sub-points you will cover, written as full sentences. (You will not type every word you will say). Look at example outline.

Professional Attire: Students MUST be DRESSED in professional attire. Please call me if you do not know what professional attire is.

Please look at the Informative Speech videos.

Please read all information posted in this module.


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