SPC Pyne, on March 8th 2018, you and another Soldier in our section were identified to cover, down as a ground guide for a vehicle at the wash rack. You made no acknowledgment of the message from the NCO that asked you to be there until he physically found you over an hour later. We have a direct line of communication through our mobile devices, so there was no excuse as to why the first message was not received. When you and PFC Bryant finally arrived at the wash rack to cover down, I asked bOth ‘of you the reason why you were so late.‘ You proceeded to give invalid excuses, and argue with me regarding responding in a timely manner to the task that was asked of you and a fellow Soldier. While expressing your arguments, you disrespectfully chose not to stand at parade rest as you continued to argue against my statements on the situation that took place. ‘

It is important that when you are given a task, location, and time that you execute it promptly. When an NCO has sent out information, it must be acknowledged and not ignored. When an NCO tells you to complete a task, and tells you what you failed to do regarding that task, do not argue; respectfully stand at parade test while

that NCO is speaking to you. If you have any questions on what was supposed to happen, you can respectfully ask. It is in no way acceptable to argue disrespectfully with an NCO, especially while not giving the proper courtesy of parade rest. There are other methods of having a discussion with an NCO, however, when a task was given and there were no valid excuses as to why it was not executed, there is no room for any discussion.


l. Solider will ensure to respond promptly to a task given.

2. Soldier will treat all superiors with the proper dignity and respect.

As a corrective action, SPC Pyne will write a 2000 word essay on courtesy, discipline, and respect. The essay Will be due NLT 0600 on March,


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