1) to fully understand and practice all steps necessary to go from an idea of a costume to a fully presented project that gives enough info on what the costume will look like when on stage

2) to understand and practice the organizational skills required for costume design (see paperwork and lists even though you DO NOT have to turn in any lists…)

3) to start using your creativity and have fun with it

4)to be able to express your ideas in writing (bio/character analysis) and drawing (sketch and rendering)


Written concept for the costume design and character analysis of your character. Concept and analysis should be at least 500 words.25 points
Research organized as a college. You should include at least 15 pictures (please remember details like shoes, hair and makeup and accessories.25 points
Design 2 costumes for the opening scene and the closing scene of The Shape of Things for  1 of the 2 major characters ( 2 costumes for Adam or 2 costumes for Evelyn).  costume rendering. Costume rendering should be a drawing in color (at least 9” in length on the center on a page from your sketchbook)40 points.


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