Provide training to a worker (maid, cleaner, driver etc) at your home regarding hazardous substances
You must prepare the following:
Part 1. Record a training session with a worker;
1.    Identify 5 hazardous substances around the home, take photos of each hazard.
2.    Provide information about each hazard regarding: where the hazard is found, how the worker can be hurt (entry into the body), how the hazard should be transported, and how the hazard should be stored
3.    Explain to the worker how he/she can keep safe and the responsibilities of the worker to use the correct PPE and follow the correct safety requirements.
•    What the substance is
•    Where it is found
•    What it is used for
•    How it can enter the body
•    How it should be stored
•    What form does it take
•    How can it be used safely

Part 2. An Explanatory Meeting (with your assessor).

You are required to meet with your assessor and discuss the contents of your training with the worker. You should:

•    Describe your training session;
•    Provide a recording of the training session;
•    Provide information as in 2 above;
•    Describe the advice you have given to the worker;
•    Explain the responsibilities of the worker and the employing family; and
•    Outline to the assessor, how the employing family can check that the worker is following the right procedure as taught in Part 1.


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