Research Paper Written

• Conduct basic business related research utilizing our library’s resources
• Execute proper professional correctness in terms of writing and grammar
• Avoid plagiarism issues with proper summarization, quoting and utilizing proper citations.

Utilizing our Texas A&M Library databases found at: Click on A-Z Databases and utilize the following
Recommended Top Five Library Databases
• Academic Search Complete
• ProQuest
• EBSCO Host
• Business Source Complete

You must:
• Find three scholarly, peer reviewed journal articles dealing with communication issues in business. The problem cannot be ‘made up’ – it must be real.

o The articles may discuss good or bad communication techniques or;
o Describe instances where companies struggled or had great success in communicating.
o The articles must be within the last 5 years and can be within any industry.
o Each article can be about a different problem within a business

After reading the articles, you need to prepare the following:

A 6 page Research Paper: (1 Cover Page, 4 Body, and 1 Reference page) •• Your summaries should demonstrate:
o Mastery of professional correctness
o Proper summarization of your articles and the communication issues. o NO QUOTES ALLOWED!
• Your entire document should demonstrate:
o APA style (a cover page, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Times New Roman or Arial 12 pt font, use of in-text citations, and a reference page).


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