Imagine that you are a healthcare manager for a hospital that is considering the use of cloud-based storage for patient data. You are responsible for making a recommendation for cloud-based storage. Evaluate the case studies and articles that explore the use of Big Data and Cloud-based storage:

“Big Data Ethics” (Richards & King, Wake Forest Law Review)
“Ethical Issues in the Big Data Industry” (Kirsten E. Martin, MIS Quarterly Executive)
“The Cloud Evolution” (Stephen Katona, PM Network)
“To Cloud or Not to Cloud” (Kumar Malavalli, SiliconIndia)

Then, in a 2-page summary:

Discuss the concept of big data and managing information from health information systems.
Discuss potential advantages and disadvantages of using cloud-based storage for big data.
Describe the security and ethical standards of using internet-based storage and retrieval systems.
Make a recommendation that your hospital use or not use cloud-based storage; explain your reasoning with supportive references.


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