Write 300-330 words-opinion/critique/column interrogating the topic and slightly related to Architecture about the two readings and the lecture presentation attached.

The normalization of the end [field: CLIMATE CHANGE THEORY, CULTURAL POST-

The concatenation of human acts that contributes to Global Climate Change might contain the very cues to restore the possibility of life in the planet. This obvious claim is often overlooked by the very sciences that study the phenomenon, which cannot predict, as part of their own analytical instruments, the scope of the human imagination and what will be able to achieve in the years to come. This unaccountable dimension of the problem and its solution/mitigation translates into a form of cautious hope. This lecture will survey the architectural response to this conversation, originally motivated by the self-interest allure of seizing business opportunities out of a tragic path. The ethical malfunction of the discipline of architecture on that regard needs the input and reparations of a newer generation of designers who have heard of the planetary emergency since the very early days of its infancy.


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