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**attached is grading rubric, classmate post, and a sample of how the structure should be
Post a substantive written response to one (1) other classmates’ threads. Your responses must identify specific weakness(es) as well as note the strengths of the post. By identifying a weakness (content-based, not a spelling/grammatical aspect), you display the critical thinking skills required in a college course. Refrain from making statements like “I really couldn’t find a weakness to your thread but the assignment required it . . . ’’+ an insubstantial critique, as this is your chance to help your peer write stronger in their future threads. You should put as much time into your reply phase as you do your thread. The strongest scores on that portion are reserved for those replies that incorporate specific evidence rather than making opinion-based statements. Please maintain the proper tone in your critique by addressing the issues instead of attacking the person.
**must be in the same format structure as the sample**


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