The date for your individual project to be post on Blackboard is April 3.  In case you forgot, it is an ethical topic of your choice and it is a Power Point creation with Voicethread.  The project should be 15 to 20 minutes in length and each PP slide should contain “bullets”, not sentences.  Your Voicethread should discuss the bullets – you don’t read what is on the PP.  The PP is just a guide to your discussion of the bullet you are adressing.

How many PP slides?  It depends on your presentation.  I would say 10 as a minimum and maybe as many as 25.

You may begin with a history of the ethical issue, where we are today with the issue, and what do you see as the future of the issue.  For example, if your were discussing DACA you would discuss the history of legal immigration into this country, then illegal entry into the country expanded, and why it expanded, the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country each year, the effect on the country, and the present day attempts to control the immigration issue.  You would look into the future and determine an outcome to the problem.

A five page paper discussing the issue is to be submitted.  Originally it was to be submitted on the same day you uploaded your PP to Blackboard, April 3, but I have been asked to give you more time to complete your assignment, so the written report will be due two weeks later, April 17th.  With the extended time the PP presentation and the 5 page report better be very well done.  There will not be any extensions on the due dates for both projects for any reason.


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