150 words to each student response.

In response to your classmates, describe:
A new and different specific strategy to overcome each challenge.
A rationale for each specific strategy provided.
The limitations of each strategy.
The strengths of each strategy.

Student 1:

This course is stretching me.  One of the difficulties that I have run into is bounding the scope of my proposal.  My process improvement plan was chosen based on a known problem; Lowe’s Home Improvement significantly lags behind The Home Depot in the area of professional customer service. Lowe’s corporate strategy includes “Increasing Pro penetration by providing unique solutions for their specific needs” (Lowe’s, 2018). The Home Depot has outperformed Lowe’s in this area and there is no sign of The Home Depot slowing down.  40% of Home Depot’s sales are professional customer sales where only 30% account for Lowe’s sales (Sinclair, 2017).  For Lowe’s to gain more of a market share, it will have to consider its service to the professional customer.
I set out with a problem but I had not yet formulated a plan of how to attack the problem.  After doing some research, I found some glaring issues but trying to fit them all into one process improvement plan was not possible.
I have also had difficulty getting information that would be helpful in my process.  This week we have to develop a budget.  Some of the things that I am proposing involves construction which I have no experience in along with the cost of staffing new positions.
My approach to these challenges will be to reach out to professionals in these areas.  I know people in construction and HR that could help me in these areas.

Lowe’s. (2018, February 2). Strategy and Performance Overview. Retrieved from Lowe’s: file:///C:/Users/Daniel/Downloads/Shareholder%20Presentation%202018_Final.pdf
Sinclair, N. (2017, August 22). Why Home Depot is leaving Lowe’s in its dust quarter after quarter. Retrieved from Yahoo! Finance: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/home-depot-left-lowes-dust-quarter-quarter-191014754.html

Student 2:

Well, the management of ford motor company has got some challenges in its current processes. Lack of coordination in an organization has led to decrease in productivity, complicate processes and delay in the completion of tasks. The management has tried to coordinate the efforts of an entire organization. The current process requires too many man-hours for training, conducting and maintain this program by members that have primary jobs to be focused on. The cost it takes for one person to go to school gets trained and then leave a command within two-five years.
A significant challenge in a sales management is finding a good customer service by giving the best experience and manage stress. In a sales world what really motivates people is to earn money. They usually have a lot of stress trying to find the valuable customers, so they can achieve the goals and what they really need is to have an environment full of motivations such as bonuses, training and others. Moreover, there are some things that needs to consider orienting their employees to have efficiency without being under a lot of pressure because it could cause an irregular behavior that clients could take as a bad perception, even more in sales that treaty with people under stress and rapidly to create solutions. The approach I would focus on is in the need to create a strong relationship, confidence and trust between their team, so they can create solid relationship with customers.
Hawkins, A.J. (2018, January 15). The Verge. Ford is throwing $11 billion at its electric car problem. Retrieved from https://www.theverge.com/2018/1/15/16892386/ford-electric-car-11-billion-2022-detroit-auto-show-2018
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Student 3:

After finishing the below resources items this week, I think my process improvement plan is on track to finish with a good product. The challenges I’ve been having and foresee it happing again this week is trying to simple my papers. Most of the assignments have been 6-8 pages long. Don’t know if I’m adding to much or just enough. The below format is for this week to try to keep it under control, but after the readings I can see this adding up to another lengthy paper. Any hint? 
Resources and Reason
• Software
• Hardware
• Real estate
• Training materials
• Why do you need these resources?
Time and Reason
• Downtime due to training
• How long do you plan to spend fully integrating the process, training employees, and updating all documents?
Cost and  Reason
• Employee payment for training
• Does the company have enough financial resources to allow for the change? Review the organization’s financial statements, if it is a public organization, in order to determine whether or not this is feasible. Publicly traded organizations have financial data available to the general public that should help to accomplish this.
Human Resources Reason and reason
• Human capital (trainers, management, and new employees)
• Why do you need these resources?


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