The full report should be between 2500-3000 words research paper style with a title page, organization of the text by sections (introduction, background, …) and include all appropriate citations and bibliography. You can attach any analysis or data in appendices, which will not be counted towards the word limit.

The content of the report will include: (a) a brief  introduction and history of your firm, (b) a critique of its mission, vision, and key goals, (c) PESTL, SWOT, and Five Forces Analysis for its industry or strategic group, (d) discussion of its key resources, capabilities, and competencies (including financial analyses and perhaps a value chain analysis), (e ) a discussion of the key strategies that the company was pursuing at the time the case ended, (f) an update of the case to include (i) outcomes of the strategies discussed in the case, (ii) description and evaluation of any new, major strategies since the time the case ended, (iii) discussion of alternative, viable strategies recommended by your group going forward.


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