Required Case Study Assignments and Questions – to be completed prior to class:

Leadership Institute Case: Speed Ventures ‐  Part A, B & C
HBR Case Study: BP and The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
*** PLEASE NOTE: All answers should be in bullet point format. MINIMUM required answer is 1 – 3 bullet points per question.

Questions for Speed Ventures
1. Should you Race? Why or Why not? (This is just a “Yes” or “No” Question)
2. Please write a few sentences or bullet points giving the reasons why or why not you would race (Please elaborate here on your “Yes” or “No” response above).

Questions for BP and The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
1. How did BP’s history and culture shape decision-making on the Deepwater Horizon Rig?
2. How did the Political and Regulatory environment affect decision-making by BP and it’s partners?
3. Why did so many employees – Engineers, Managers and Rig Workers – deem it appropriate to take significant risks?


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