Case Bullet Points
Case bullet points are your notes for the case discussion.  Your bullets should address the specific case questions and other important issues in the case.  Specific case questions are included in this syllabus.  Students should have their bullet points with them during class discussion.  Students who have attended class may hand in case bullet points for credit at the end of class.  Bullets will be returned to students, so feel free to add hand-written notes during class.
”    Case bullet points must be typed.
”    Do not exceed 2 pages.  If 2 pages, number the pages in the bottom right of each page.  (If necessary, references, charts, and tables may be included on additional pages.)
”    Do not hand in a cover page. Staple the pages.  Do not use covers or binders.

Case: Denny’s
McGuire, S., B. Mahdavian & A. Yavari (2015).  “Denny’s Learns to Manage Diversity” i-manager’s Journal on Management.
1. What type of change occurred at Denny’s under the leadership of Adamson and Hood? Summarize the key actions taken to implement change at Denny’s.
2. Evaluate Denny’s practices for creating and managing a diverse workforce.
(a) What practices could be adopted by other organizations?
(b) What practices are probably specific to Denny’s unique situation?
(c) What changes would you make in HR practices? (such as implementing different practices, or eliminating some practices adopted by Denny’s)?
3. To what extent has Denny’s “solved” its problems of discrimination? What more does Denny’s need to do?
4. True or False: Achieving and managing workforce diversity has had a significant, positive effect on Denny’s performance?  Identify facts and arguments for both true and false arguments, and arrive at your own conclusion.


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