Describing Everyday Activities
Capítulo 2 (pp. 70-71) presents the Present Tense of regular -er & -ir verbs. In this section we learned what people do in general sense (Ernesto come hamburguesas); what people are doing in a particular instance (Ernesto asiste a Cerritos College este semestre); what people do habitually (Él escribe la tarea siempre por las tardes); what people intent to do at a later time (Él escribe la tarea de inglés mañana).
Paso 1

Go to page 70-71 to review the -er and -ir verbs. Then, do Paso 2.

Paso 2

Next, write a mini composition(at least 10 complete sentences, in SPANISH) about yourself (include family members). Pick at least FIVE -er verbs and FIVE -ir verbs (like leer, escribir, etc.) to write a composition about your lifestyle, family members as desired. Do not use the verb GUSTAR at all. Don’t forget to introduce yourself (name, origin). Use vocabulary words, expressions, and verbs you have learned up to this chapter to move your story forward. In addition, I am attaching a list of words you can use as transitional words like next, following, then, later, etc.Actions


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