From the 5 videos above answer the following questions:
1. Which videos did you watch?

2. Identify 1-2 most important lessons from each of the videos you listed on question 1 above.

3. Name 2 startups that are either using, or could benefit, from any of the lessons you listed on question 2 above. You can find hundreds of startups on the following websites:


     – this is the website for Google Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Google…here you will find out which startups are being funded by Google
b.       – 500 Startups is the largest startup incubator on the planet. This link will take you to the portfolio of startups they have funded.


  – Y Combinator is the most influential start incubator in the US. This link will take you their portfolio of startups.
d.      –       This is a list of over 4 million startup companies, with detailed information of their funding, founders…


             – List of our local innovation industry in Los Angeles


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