Email Marketing 

Email marketing is an effective marketing instrument which uses email to promote products and services. It creates awareness among potential customers. Through email marketing, businesses are able to share updates, sales and new products with customers on their contact list. Email marketing uses personalized emails, hence ensuring direct contact with potential customers. Through that, it facilitates the enticing of customers considering that public relations can also be incorporated into the marketing strategy.

Email marketing has various advantages. One advantage is that it is cost-effective. There are no costs associated with the strategy since no advertising fees or printing costs are needed. Email marketing is also scalable since it does not limit the number of the target audience. Another advantage is that it is measurable. A marketer or rather a business can measure the success of the email marketing campaign implemented, hence easily knowing the most effective campaign. This can be done through the use of web analytics. Email marketing also facilitates comparability in that an organization can compare its results against others in the same industry.

There are also various sites which help in the automation of email marketing. Through such sites, businesses and organizations do not need to spend a lot of time creating emails. A good example is GetResponse which automates sales and helps in list building. GetResponse has helped more than 350,000 businesses get leads, sales, customers and traffic through the automation of email marketing.  It is therefore a recommended email creator in regard to marketing. You can get access to GetResponse by clicking here.

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