(read the pdf file and wrie about the topic) I need 400 words total. 300words about topic and last 100 word about your opinion on one of the topic.
For each reading assignment you will write a one-page response about any major theme of the work assigned that catches your interest.  This is meant to be a pretty open-ended assignment, allowing you to develop your thoughts on any area of the reading.  Make sure that your response is primarily about the issues raised in the reading, rather than just your own life and opinions. 

These assignments will be graded pass-fail.  If it is on-topic it will receive points.  It doesn’t have to be right.  I reserve the right to award partial credit for responses of inadequate length. These will be collected on Canvas and are due before class discussion starts. 1 page long, 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced.


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