My professor name is prof. Jones

My team members names we’re Kareem and Rimma.
Strength- communication
Weakness- Decision making/ judgement
From my experience I learned that teamwork skills involve, good leadership, clear communication, role establishment, support, and respect. In our group we learned that communication is important for successful teamwork. The team will have good results if each person is willing to share there ideas. Members have different ideas that should be expressed

Working in the group taught me that two heads are really better than one. People have there own talents, Knowledge and experience which are demonstrated through the ability to work together

My first experience with my team members was a exceptional one. We took charge of our roles and for the most part I knew that in order for us to be effective as a group there needs to be leadership. So I decided not to be the one I’m charge, but to instead provide guidance on tasks and procedures, while another member focuses on engaging with the  ideas that come as a group.

The first file I attached is the assignment. The second and third file is the assignment we had to do as a group. Basically  As apart of the executive organization, as a group the hospital we choose to do is kingscounty hospital in the community of east flatbush. The issue we were presenting in the essay is hypertension in the community. The rate for hypertension in east flatbush is high. The group was assigned triple aim dimensions in patient experience of care, health of populations, or reducing the per capita cost of health care. The triple aim I was assigned to is health of populations


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