1. Develop your personal vision, mission, and core values for your own career.

– Your mission statement should be 100-200 words and achieve the uses and characteristics of a good mission statement.
– Your vision statement should be 50 words MAXIMUM and should be your ultimate goal that you hope to achieve in the future. Be ambitious and creative!
– You should have at least 4 core values, along with a description of how you will demonstrate each value.

2. Have a minimum of 2 article-based blog posts, and 2 interesting online sourced videos about some aspect of Strategic Management in Hospitality covered in class so far (Look at chapter topics, UNLV Library resources, online current events, additional research on the Internet, etc.)

3. No copy/paste of content under ANY circumstances! Summarize your resources and provide your own thoughts/opinions of how this impacts and adds value to the hospitality industry.

**Your website must have a minimum of ~1000 words of content by this point (NOT including your resume, vision, mission, and core values)


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