Answer 3 of the following 4 Questions. 2. pages minimum each answer. Number your reports
1. Compare and contrast the High Middle Ages with the Dark Ages; assess the Gothic cathedral as emblematic of medieval civilization; evaluate the role that revived urbanization and commerce played in the High Middle Ages.

2. Debate the issue of whether the 14th century was the end of the Middle Ages, the beginning of the Modern World, or both; assess the impact of the Black Death on European society, and were there any “winners”; analyze the changing face of war in the 14th century.

3. Evaluate the “rebirth” elements in the Renaissance; debate the question as whether the modern world began in the Renaissance; compare and contrast the Italian Renaissance with the Northern Renaissance.

4. Analyze the relationship between the Renaissance and the Reformation; evaluate some of the non-religious consequences of the Reformation; debate the question as to whether the modern world began in the Reformation era. SITE ALL WORK


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