Two works to write on, 120 words for each one

1. Choose an artist mentioned in Sculpture in the Expanded Field (refer to Week 1) or from the permanent collection of Dia (Links to an external site.): study the work. If the artist’s work is on view anywhere in NYC, see it in person. Select 2-3 works from the artist you’ve chosen and be prepared to introduce the artist to the class in a 5 minute presentation (bring printed images or a thumb drive so we can see the work you are referring to).
Focus on materials and how the work engages with space.
Does the work rely on the wall, or is it free-standing?
Compare and contrast the work with Richard Serra: is the body of the viewer implicated in the experience of the work?
How does the viewer’s engagement with this artist’s work differ from what is asked of a viewer standing before a Richard Serra?
And anything else you think important to our understanding.

2. Compare your experience of Broken Kilometer or Earth Room with The Lightning Field, Heizer’s Double Negative or Turrell’s Roden Crater, as you imagine them to be. Compare and contrast the experience of De Maria’s work in an architectural space/interior versus immersion in the landscape and how each location functions to support the work.


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