Teacher’s instruction:
You will analyse a case study and submit a written report based on questions I will ask you. The goal is not simply to answer the questions, but delve deep into the strategic decisions and options available to the actors in the case study.  Why would you do in their situation and why? Do you think they are acting rationally? Could they do better? How can they avoid the situation they find themselves in?  These are but a few of the many questions you may ask yourself.

Apple Case Questions:
What, historically, have been Apple’s Competitive Advantages?
Why did Apple struggle historically in the PC industry?
How sustainable is Apple’s position in the smartphone industry?
Has Tim Cook made the right decision with the smart watch? Would you suggest course correction?

My instruction:
This is a group case report. My part is to write Introduction (highlighted in yellow).

Please read the Apple case pdf package and go through everything in our case discussion (word doc) to write the report.


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