You must use one of the legal cases (LINK FOR LEGAL CASE IS BELOW). After reading the case carefully, look up related research using PsycInfo. (ALL ARTICLES ARE ATTACHED) Then choose a thesis statement (CHOICES ARE BELOW)

In your paper, you will need to identify at least three empirical articles or legal cases on the psychological/legal issue you selected that directly relate to the article. You will likely have more than three citations in your paper.  You can cite the textbook, but (because it is a secondary source) the textbook will not count towards your three required citations.  You will need to support your thesis statement using research and/or legal precedent, not just your opinion! Your paper should clearly:
1) Describe the legal case and your thesis statement.  (approximately 1 page)
2) The bulk of the paper should support your thesis statement.  Provide a critical analysis of your three relevant sources and explain why they support your thesis statement. For empirical articles, describe the research question tested by the research, describe how the authors tested that question and what they found, the strengths and limitations of their findings, and relate their findings to your thesis statement. Your analysis should be critical.  Note the strengths and weaknesses both in the study itself and in its relevance to the case in question.  If you choose to cite a legal case for one of your required citations, provide a very brief description of the legal case (i.e., just a few sentences for context), and then clearly describe the relevance of the case.  Make sure you take a look at the article about how to read legal cases, posted in your Help with References folder.  For legal standards, note how clear or vague the criteria are – and whether the courts provide appropriate guidance in this area.  (approximately 3 pages)
3) End with recommendations about needed research or legal direction related to your legal case. (approximately 1 page)
4) Include a reference section with the legal case on which you based your assignment, the three original sources you selected, along with any other sources you used to complete your assignment.

Your assignment must follow APA formatting including:
Size 12 font, preferably Times New Roman
Page numbers on top right (header)
1” margins on all four sides (you may have to adjust the default settings)
Title page including title of paper, your name, affiliation (college) and course
No abstract is necessary for this assignment

The legal case that will be used:

The two thesis you may choose from:
1) Based on the information available, Dylan Roof appears to meet the legal criteria for competency to represent oneself.

2) Based on the information available, Dylan Roof does not appear to meet the legal criteria for competency to represent oneself.


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