In your opinion: Keeping in mind the personal and sensitive nature of spiritual beliefs, discuss the following:

1. Are there circumstances where medical intervention should be implemented when it is in opposition to an individual’s spiritual beliefs? Please explain and feel free to share any situations you may have encountered in your work and/or personal life.

Now, let’s apply this week’s learning materials to the following questions. Remember to support your statements with the course materials (required) and any outside resources you may choose to bring in. Let’s start with the first application question:

2. There are situations where the patient/consumer is a child or another vulnerable individual such as an older adult, person with a cognitive impairment, or someone who cannot safely represent themselves. In these situations, who should make faith-based or belief-driven health decisions for them? What are some of the opportunities and challenges in spiritually appropriate care when surrogates are making health decisions?

3. What are health organizations doing to provide spiritually appropriate care to their patients/consumers? Is this enough, or is there more the health profession could be doing?


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