please answer this question in 150 words:
Question:Visit the Healthy People 2020 Web site ( Choose one of the 38 topic areas and look at the objectives that have been set for the year 2020. For each of the objectives, comment on whether you think the nation has a realistic chance of meeting it.

And please make an comment on this post based on the question in 150 words separately:
The Post:One of the topics on the Healthy People 2020 website is about sleep health. A goal for sleep health is to get more people to seek medical treatment if they have symptoms of sleep apnea; I think that this can be accomplished because people would most likely want to get a condition checked out if it’s bothering them. Another objective is to “reduce the rate of vehicular crashes per 100 million miles traveled that are due to drowsy driving” and I think that this can be achieved through educating others about this danger. The third objective is to have a higher proportion of high schoolers getting more sleep; I don’t think that this is as likely to happen because I feel like there are many distractions that can delay the tasks one needs to do. The last objective is to “increase the proportion of adults who get sufficient sleep” and I think that this depends on the targeted population; if they were young adults it may be harder but if it were seniors, then I think it’d be more achievable. Looking at the website, I wonder if these objectives are listed in any specific order?


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