Topic: How would you describe an “ideal samurai” of pre-Tokugawa Japan? Choose a warrior or an episode/event in the Tale of Heike and describe how he/she/it reflects some of the ideal (or non-ideal) images of samurai. Also compare how the warrior or the episode/event is portrayed in the later renditions or telling of a similar episode from the later period (Noh, Kabuki, film, etc.) and discuss how certain images are retained while others are added. Make sure you provide specific examples from each story. Make reference to at least 3 of the assigned readings and use footnotes/endnotes to mark your references.

Excellent discussion of how the warrior
or episode is portrayed in the Heike                              5              4            3            2            1

Excellent discussion of differences among
the texts, supported with relevant examples                  5              4            3            2            1

Clear & logical development and                   
presentation of ideas                                                    5              4            3            2            1

Excellent control of writing mechanics:
spelling, grammar, punctuation                                    5              4            3            2            1


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