Annotated bibliography and needs assessment

Annotated bibliography: students will identify literature relevant to their target group and program goals and will create an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of publications relevant to a specific topic (in this case your program and audience), each with an “annotation” documenting the key points from the article based on your own interest in it. Annotated bibliographies should include three articles (a minimum of two academic peer-reviewed papers), including, for each item: (1) its APA reference; (2) a paragraph briefly summarizing the paper, its key findings/conclusions and its relevance to your program planning project.
Please see guides/annotated-bibliography for more information about how to write an annotated bibliography.
This section of the paper should be approximately three to four pages long.

Needs assessment: Based on information about the program and potential participants obtained through the annotated bibliography and the client meeting, students should use an assessment tool discussed in class (such as a SWOT) to assess program assets and challenges. This assessment should be approximately two pages long.


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