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Question: Visit the Web site of the Cochrane Collaboration ( The organization is an international, non-profit organization that collects and synthesizes evidence on outcomes research. Review the most recent newsletters. What new findings has the organization produced?

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POST: One of the most recent findings I read about was an organization called Cochrane Indonesia; its goal is to increase the health services and educate those in Indonesia. An important population that they’re trying to reach is the mothers and their children; they hope to implement “contemporary medicine and public health” by using “systematic reviews that consider evidence from research studies from around the world”. Another interesting finding that I read about is how this organization is researching the effects of putting nutrition labels on menus; they hope that this will reduce the number of calories one intakes. According to the article, their research suggests that it’s not extremely effective with the problem of overeating, but it shows some success. I thought that this idea of adding nutritional labels to menus was interesting; do you think that adding nutritional labels would help restaurants profit or do you think it’d harm their business?


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