Evaluation of an organizational plan to address a key objective or challenge.

For the organization that you chose in case assignment one, prepare and evaluate a plan to address one of the organization’s key goals, objectives, or current challenges. Your plan can be your original plan, or it can be an evaluation of a plan that the organization has laid out. The evaluation should address planning processes discussed in the text and the approaches discussed in the Making Values Meaningful publication from the Center for Values Driven Leadership (CVDL). Key points for this project are as follows:

Provide a brief description of the company or organization and identify a current key objective, problem, or challenge that the organization is facing. Be sure to clearly describe the objective, problem or challenge that you will address.

Your plan should take into consideration information from the text (chapter 4) on planning and strategic management. You do not have to prepare a SWOT analysis but it is important to provide a detailed and specific plan that addresses the following points: plan objectives, resource needs, current resource assessment, and ways to evaluate success. You are essentially completing steps one through four regarding strategic planning from the text (chapter 4) without doing the SWOT analysis.

If some information is not apparent or available, it should be addressed in your plan by indicating that additional evaluation will be required prior to implementation. For example, if your plan requires specific IT skills, but you cannot tell from your research the extent of IT skills that are present in the company, you can identify this as something that will need to be addressed prior to implementation.

Provide references to ideas and concepts from the text and from the CVDL Making Values Meaningful publication. Be specific.

Plans should be consistent with the organization’s core values, mission, and vision.

Be creative!


Ludema, J. & Johnson, A. (n.d.). Making values meaningful: A menu of options for senior leaders. Retrieved from the Center for Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University website: https://cvdl.ben.edu/meaningful/


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