1.    Watch the video “Visit to the Marche d”Aligre” on Blackboard and answer the following questions:

Put yourself in the vendor’s shoes:
    How would you indicate your products’ quality?
    How would you convince your customers to come back to your stall each week?
    What is the role of repeat customers in your business?
Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes:
    How would you decide which stall to shop from?
    What would bring you back each week?

2.    Watch the videos “Recipe for Success – Oceania Cruises” and “Regent Seven Seas” Based on the video:

    What are the guests’ expectations? Are they met?
    Name three tangible aspects of service quality.
    Name three intangible aspects of service quality.
    How do Oceania and Regent Seven Seas create and guarantee quality?

3.    Watch the videos Singapore Airlines San Francisco to Seoul and United Seattle to Narita (Tokyo). For both videos answer the following:

    Describe the process (what is going on)
    What are the “moments of truth” (critical points)
    What must go right?
    What can go wrong?
    In your opinion which airline has the higher quality? Why?

4.    Watch the videos “Bumping the Lamp”, Ritz Carlton Kapalua, and Ritz Carlton, a Giraffe & Excellent Customer Service

    What do they say about the companies’ cultures?
    Which quality principles are illustrated in the videos?

    what are the three most important elements of a service quality program? Give 2 examples for each when justifying your answer. Answers should be word processed and double-spaced. You will be graded on how well you analyze the situation and present your argument.


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