Essay question will be situational:

You have recently been appointed as Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Health For All, Inc., an established commercial insurance company in New York State.  You were brought into the organization to begin developing a formal Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) function.

Having had several years of experience as a CRO, you quickly saw the need to build a program that satisfied both external and internal stakeholder requirements.

Please write an essay (3 paragraphs expected) addressing the following:

As the new Chief Risk Officer, what steps would you take to ensure your ERM program met the needs of both external and internal stakeholders, based on ERM lessons learned in your career?  How would you prioritize these steps?  What would you strive to achieve with your ERM program?

The question will be touch on :
reporting(internal stakeholders)
ratings(external stakeholders, ex: rating agency)

Please read the lecture slides and then write this essay.


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