Review current literature pertaining to Occupational Deprivation. Choose a population that is experiencing Occupational Deprivation and address the following:

Introduction to the paper
Section I: Overview (approximately 1 ½ pages)

–        Introduction
·        Describe the population, its needs, and the nature of the occupational deprivation being experienced.

·        Explain the challenges that exist because of the occupational deprivation.

·        Describe any strategies currently in use and/or programs implemented to address the issues resulting from occupational deprivation for this population.

·        Briefly discuss any research that has been done to examine the problems encountered by this population regarding the occupational deprivation as well as possible solutions. Utilize primary sources (in addition to your article) to support your assertions.

***Occupational deprivation for the spinal cord population… attached are articles that may be used


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