There is a final paper of the combination of the agriculture paper and mythology paper. I already finished the agriculture paper, so just write the mythology paper for about two pages and combine the agriculture paper to four papers total. Native American Indians in Mississippi State was my chosen culture in agriculture paper, it has to be the same in the mythology paper.

Three additional references required, 6 in total but I’ve included 3 in agriculture paper. No wikipedia sources.

Here is the instruction of combination paper:

This paper will be an overall review of the role of agriculture in mythology.  You will be graded on how well you indicate the influence of agriculture on the mythology of the culture you pick.  While you do not have to completely rewrite the two previous papers, you need to have an introductory paragraph to the combined paper, a transition as you go from the Ag to the Myth of a region, and have a concluding paragraph, tying all together.  At least 6 references need to be included for the final paper (3 from agriculture paper, 3 from mythology paper).

For more information see the syllabus or the paper guidelines in the syllabus section of compass


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