The book is called “Things Falling Apart”. Pick any 4 chapters done so far in class– cite characters, incidents– reading implications of things falling apart (that justifies the title). Each chapter discussion should have 2 quotes (so 8 quotes in all) and close analysis of the quotes should show how things are falling apart.

I’ll provide four chapters which all are pretty short. It basically talks about how the Nigerian Igbo culture falls apart before the foreign invasion. There are certainly some evil traditions existing in the Igbo culture, like throwing away the twins and bullying the women. The main character Okonkow, who strived to climb to the utmost heights and earn the highest title among his clans, was so involved with these traditions and prejudices that ultimately his life ended up with a tragic ending. That’s why this book is called Things Falling Apart. Basically just choose 2 quotes out of each chapter, briefly clarify what’s going on there, analyze the character of Okonkow and how this part of his characteristics had led him to the ultimate tragedy.


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