Here is my proposal:

Ok to make this a good analysis we need to introduce CanGo company and incorporate what they do as firm into our report.  And as required in the reporting guide, provide six (6) issues to where CanGo is lacking of or needs improvements.  We also need to provide 6 recommendations for each issue that we find as we are the consulting company. Here are some subject/issues that we need to touch on CanGo Introduction:

What is right with CanGo?

What opportunities do they have?

What is wrong with CanGo?

What Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) affect their operations?

Here are some of the issues that I found so far:

CanGo needs to use and apply Strategic Management Process into their company

They need to formulate their company’s Vision Statement, and Create Goals

Need a mission statement that identifies the firm’s target market, products, services, processes, and philosophy.

Need a SWOT Analysis to identify the company’s strength and weakness

Lack of implementation strategy.

Need to set priorities



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