Read one of the articles Congressional Quarterly Researcher articles available on our Blackboard site, and then using the knowledge you have gained through the article AND our Revel readings, decide who has a better case in Pro/Con debate.  In a paper of 4-5 pages, summarize what you think are the best arguments are both sides, and detail what your position is and why you have taken it, including pointing out the weaknesses of the other position. At least two to three pages of each paper must be devoted to your position and your reasons. 

In each case, you can use the Lexis-Nexis database (available on the same page as CQ Researcher) to gather more recent new, opinion, and information about your issue.

Follow my paper writing guidelines exactly.  Please ask if you don’t understand any requirement.  NOTE especially that without proper citations, your paper will be immediately returned, and will be graded as late.


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