Choose two times throughout the semester to write a 500- to 600-word response to your small group’s initial reading responses. These peer responses provide you with an opportunity to engage with your peers’ ideas—a chance to question, challenge, modify, expand, and/or disagree with your peers’ points as they relate to the topic(s) of the assigned readings. In your response, be sure to name the authors of the posts to which you are referring as well as demonstrate your understanding of their main points. Finally, discuss how their ideas have shaped, influenced or modified your thinking. Did they comment on an issue that you hadn’t considered? Did they make a point that challenges or contradicts one of your claims? Even if you disagree with a comment made by one of your peers, the tone of your response should be respectful.

Reading Responses (RR) and Peer Responses (PR) must be submitted via the “Discussions” section on Canvas. Reading Responses are due by 11:59 pm (EST) on their assigned due dates. Peer Responses (PR) are due 48 hours later. If you have not submitted a response by its due time (regardless of computer or internet complications), it will be marked as incomplete, and you will not be able to make up that assignment.


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