References: At least 3 correctly formatted APA citations are required for this assignment.

Part A

Please write a brief essay (12 sentences or more) that fully describes the importance of eating the appropriate amount of carbohydrates and dietary fiber each day. Explain what is meant by AMDR and give the AMDR range for carbohydrates. Describe what is meant by the AI amount of dietary fiber. What is the AI amount for fiber for adult men and women? Describe the importance of eating an appropriate amount of carbohydrates and dietary fiber each day. What are the consequences if your diet is far above or far below the AMDR range? Are there any differences in the carbohydrate AMDR recommendations for athletes? Are their any health or well-being consequences if your dietary fiber intake is substantially less than the AI value? Is it permissible to eat more than the AI amount of dietary fiber?

Part B

The nutritional topic this week is devoted only to carbohydrates and dietary fiber. The only changes that you are allowed to make to the diet are those that make improvements in carbohydrates (generally lower) or dietary fiber content (generally higher) in the diet. Changes with the sole purpose of adjusting lipids, protein, vitamins or minerals are not allowed, no matter how nutritious the changes may be. Make sure that your changes are actually a substantial improvement. Be aware that the carbohydrate content of white bread, wheat bread, and whole grain breads are generally not very different before you suggest making bread substitutions for any reason other than increasing fiber.

Here is a sample one-day menu for Mr. Brown. His doctor just told him to substantially cut down on added sugars and increase his fiber intake. Mr. Brown has an appointment with a dietitian during the next few weeks, but in the meantime needs some help making these changes. List five suggestions for changes in Mr. Brown’s diet. Make sure to suggest only those changes that do the most to cut down added sugars and increase fiber. Tell him which food(s) you would have him cut from his present diet and how you would replace these items. You may also change portion sizes.

For each substitution,

Write the original item on the left using bold, strike-through or highlighted text and the amount of calories, sugars, or dietary fiber that it contains.
Write the recommended substitution and amount on  the right or the next line, including the calories, sugars, or dietary fiber that it contains.
You may make more than five changes, but if you do so, you will only receive full credit when 100% of those changes correctly match the assigned directions.

Mr. Brown’s Diet:

1 cup sugar-frosted flake cereal
8 oz 1% milk
8 oz orange juice
2 scrambled eggs

1/2 peanut butter and jelly sandwich (1 slice white bread, 1 TBSP Skippy peanut butter, 1 TBSP grape jelly)

8 oz tomato soup
6 Saltine crackers
1 turkey sandwich (3 oz turkey, 2 slices white bread)
1/2 cup canned pears in heavy syrup
8 oz grape juice

6 oz fruited yogurt, sweetened
1 oz almonds

5 oz BBQ chicken
1 medium baked potato with 1 TBSP butter
1/2 cup cooked broccoli
8 oz cola
4 oz 1% milk

1/2 cup chocolate ice cream


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