Discussion 2 – Week 7


********Go beyond ‘reporting’ and get to ‘creating’ based on your learning, your research, and your own critical thinking. 

Make the home depot better, don’t just report what they are doing.*******

Discussion 2: Capstone Forum: Assignment With Peer Review: What Is the Strategy That Your Playbook Is Designed to Support?

Now it is time to apply lessons learned from this week’s case analysis and discussion about strategy evaluation, this week’s readings, and other resources, to help you think about how you might answer the question, what is the strategy your playbook is designed to support and how will you evaluate it?

To prepare for this Discussion:

Review all required readings, including the Weekly Briefing, which provides additional guidance on how to complete the Assignment.
Review this week’s case study and peer discussion and reflect and make notes on the following: What insights did you gain, and what did you learn from this week’s resources your case analysis and peer discussion that you can apply to your Strategy Playbook for your chosen organization? What conceptual and strategic differences are important between the case example and your organization (focus on the concepts analyzed this week)? What assumptions do you need to make in order to use the strategy concepts appropriately?
Identify and review all relevant readings from the MBA Capstone Program Bibliography. Given your chosen organization, what concepts, tools, and readings from the Program Capstone Bibliography are most relevant to helping guide how you might recommend improving the company? How and why are they relevant?
Locate and maintain access to publicly available information about your organization.
By Day 5, post a polished and synthesized entry into the discussion area, which will also be the basis for an entry into the final draft of your Strategy Playbook for Extraordinary Results. Based on all of your previous week’s work on the playbook, and based on the strategy evaluation content from this week, at minimum you should add the following to your discussion post and Strategy Playbook:

Explicitly identify and provide a name for the company-wide strategy you recommend for your company and then explain the essential components of the company-wide strategy you recommend for your company.
Evaluate the company-wide strategy that you recommend for your company.

I need 3 references here is one

Joseph, G. (2009). Mapping, measurement and alignment of strategy using the balanced scorecard: The Tata Steel case. Accounting Education, 18(2), 117–130.



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