Please submit your reflection paper on “Five Messages for Leaders” here by 10 p.m., 4/03. No submission is needed. Thank you.
In his article published in Harvard Business Review, Hamm (2006) elucidated five messages that leaders must manage to earn employee commitment and lead them effectively. While some of you may not agree with the entire list suggested by the author, I am sure that all of you agree with Hamm’s argument that a leader’s ability to effectively convey messages and vision is crucial to securing employee commitment, organizational productivity, and ultimately the viability of an organizational success. Admittedly, Hamm’s list is not an entirety of messages that leaders/managers should manage to strengthen employee commitment and organizational success. There may be some relatively simple things that leaders/managers can do in order to manage and earn their employees’ respect and commitment. Therefore, I’d like you to create your own list of messages that leaders/managers must manage well in order to lead their employees toward their organizational goal(s).
While reflecting on our course discussions, lectures, articles, as well as your own experience, please create a list of messages (three or more) that a leader/manger must manage well to effectively lead his/her followers. In doing so, make sure to discuss each message succinctly in your list.

Other questions may occur to you as you seek to integrate issues and strategies presented in the article into your broader work and/or life experience. Please feel free to discuss any relevant points in your reflection paper.


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