For overview of project, please view Group Project Overview.

This assignment focuses on the background, expectations, preferences of the expected users of the interface you are designing. This information helps to establish the requirements for the interface.

Each group should identify the major categories of users for this system. Then each member of the group should explore a category of users more deeply by developing a general user profile for each group, which lists their common background, characteristics, and expectations.

The next step is to write a richly detailed description of a typical, but fictitious, member of the user group. This persona extends the general description by adding personal details such as the name and picture, family and work-related issues that might affect their use. There is an example of a persona for a university Website redesign project in Lesson 07. This persona describes a typical college professor with enough detail that he seems “real.” Included in the persona are the real-life situations that affect use of technology: family and work concerns, interruptions, etc. Please note that the persona does not discuss his need or use of the Website. That information is covered in the scenario.

The third part of this assignment is to write a problem scenario which describes a typical situation where a user would need or want to use the interface you are designing.

It is suggested that you visit the case study (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., which can serve as an example for this phase of the project.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you as the designer better understand the needs of typical users of your interface as well as the requirements of the system.  It allows you to “step into the users’ shoes” to gain a better perspective of how and why they will be using it. Be sure that all user categories are covered for this assignment.

The deliverable for this assignment is a Word document that contains the user profile, persona, and scenario for one category of users. Be sure to include your name and group name in the document. This assignment is an individual submission. As always, consult the rubric.


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